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Wheatley Song

needed this on my dash

for reasons

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Holy shit you people

I’ve had like 20 people follow me since I last got on. Like 6 months ago

I don’t even use this blog anymore

I mean… I haven’t deleted it cause my friend didn’t want me to

If you really want to follow me then you can stalk me over at my new blog michealsangelcondom

I don’t post as much Halo and RvB stuff though

It’s mostly Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Marianas Trench.

I mean I still post Halo and RvB

But it’s mostly those four things

yup yup yup

Maybe I’ll actually delete this blog now

I’ll delete it by friday.


That’s a good plan



top twenty tv characters i adore:

— artie abrams, glee

Mercedes: What’s a “patriotic” wedgie?
Finn: It’s when they hoist you up the flagpole by your undies.
Artie: Strangely, it did make me feel more American.

Nerdfighters don’t fight nerds. 

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Free for use! Because everyone should have Meekakitty on hand to throw in peoples’ faces.


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